6" Ganesh Idol & Patri Only

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6" Ganesh idol, white cloth and pathri (21 types of leaves). And only need Pooja items, fruits, flowers and prasadam. What's more, we deliver to you at home along with instructions/video with all pathri leaves labelled clearly to make sure you perform the pooja accurately by the scripture. Last but not the least, we have thoughtfully made it an eco-friendly kit, not just the idol and items, but the packaging as well!

Ganesh Chaturthi is on 13th September 2018.
We will deliver the pooja kits on 12th September from 9am to 9pm.

6 Inches eco friendly Ganesh idol (made of Terracotta clay).

White cloth for Ganesh pooja

S.No. Sanskrit Name Telugu Name
1 Machi patram Machipatri (Davanam)
2 Brihathi patram Vaakudaaku
3 Bilva patram Maaredu
4 Durvara patram Garika
5 Dattura patram Ummetta
6 Badari patram Regu
7 Apamarga patram Uttareni
8 Tulasi patram Tulasi
9 Choota patram Mamidaaku
10 Karaveera patram Ganneru
11* Vishnu Kranta patram Vishnukanta
12 Daadimee patram Danimma
13* Devadaaru patram Devadaaru
14 Maruvaka patram Maruvam
15 Sindhuvara patram Vavili
16 Jaji patram Jaji
17 Gandaki patram Devakanchanam
18 Shami patram Jammi Aaku
19 Aswatha patram Raavi Aaku
20 Arjuna patram Tella Maddi
21 Arka patram Jilledu

*Note:Pooja kit comprises of 21 types of Patri of which Vishnukanta patram and Devadaru patram are very rare, while every effort is made to procure all 21 types of Patri, in case of non availability of the 2 types of rare Patri we will inform you in advance.